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What is LiveSale?

The brand new era of on-line sales is here. Talk to your customers face-to-face and improve your results and profit.

Technology, Implementation

This is the Livesale communication panel that can be easily integrated into any contents. Namely your website presentation, application, mobile website, or specially tailored contents.


Try co-browsing, a shared contents viewing experience. You and the operator see the same contents, significantly improving communication.

Methods of communication

for a maximum customer communication comfort, LiveSale offers three connection options

Text chat

Can you not talk? Select the co-browsing text-version. Navigating to products is much easier and faster than with a traditional text chat.

Phone call

Do you not have enough privacy? Speak with an operator in a conventional manner that you are accustomed with. We will call you back.

PC connection

Can you speak without distractions from the comfort of your home or office? Select to connect from a computer which is the most comfortable for you.

Operator environment

Client contact digitization


Which company does not wish to have the transactions of its dealers completely recorded in digital form? Customer contact digitization is a frequently used term and very familiar to us.

Thanks to a sophisticated environment you have an immediate overview of all transactions from any location, at almost any time and including measurable statistics.

Why LiveSale

LiveSale offers many benefits, the main ones including

Conversion Increase

A determined customer does not need any advice. We mostly influence undecided customers who hesitate with their decision. They do not understand the product or service, or the solutions are too complex for them and they need to be ensured that everything is in order. There is a huge potential in such customers and we have the greatest success in such cases. Conversions range around tens of percent.

The higher rate of satisfaction

We offer the same personalized service in an online environment as the one delivered at a point of sale. The inability to get fast answers to questions results in billions in sale losses of each and every day. Using video calling, we achieve much higher customer satisfaction ratings than in case of text chats.

Order value increase

When a customer is given a correct explanation of the added value of a more expensive product and its benefits, he often chooses a more expensive solution. During shopping, the purchase of accessories is also largely neglected, so the customer buys them later or also elsewhere. Thanks to Livesale there is an average order value increase of up to 25-35%.

The elimination of returns

Many essential financial costs arise due to the return of most types of goods. If the customer passes through assisted sales, the percentage of returned goods is significantly lower. The reason being the client had received expert advice.

Increase trust

Psycho-social effects of face to face contact together with secondary sales tools during video calls, allow salesmen to induce trust and a better relationship with the customer throughout the shopping session and to close the sale.

Adapting to the market

Prices and services of vendors are arranged. Thanks to the fact that we deal with customers in real time, we can customize our offer and thereby we do not lose an interesting sale.

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